How To Paint UPVC Door And Windows: Step-By-Step DIY Tutorials

How to paint UPVC door and window
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Painting your uPVC doors is an unsung hero of DIY home improvement projects. At first glance, painting a UPVC front door seems quite daunting, and many people think they need to hire a professional. However, painting uPVC doors or windows is a skill that can be picked up quickly and doesn’t need extra tools or equipment.

If you don’t know how to paint uPVC doors and windows, you are in the right spot because, in this blog, you will learn the key for the paint for painting uPVC windows and doors. After all, we follow the steps needed to paint uPVC exterior doors. So let’s begin the learning.

Can you paint uPVC doors and windows with gloss?

The answer to this question depends mainly on whether your door is flat or textured. Matte door frames can be painted with gloss, but textured doors should be painted with enamel. Luckily, you’ll be able to know which one you have when you’re selecting your door.

Flat doors have a smoother finish, leaving a shiny reflection when the sun hits them. Textured doors have no shine when the sun hits them. If you’re painting a flat door, use a paint primer before the paint. The paint won’t stick to the door’s surface if you don’t. If you apply a gloss finish on your door, you must use high-quality paint.

Using a high-quality gloss on an entry will not only protect it for a more extended period, but you are also adding value to it. Remember these things, and you should have a beautiful new door soon!

Steps needed for uPVC front door makeover:

A upvc door is a significant investment, but it will look ordinary and dated until you have it painted. Painting your front door might seem simple, but it can often be tricky. This is because applying the paint on the surface of the uPVC is a little different from painting other materials.

However, You can paint your upvc front door in two ways. The first one is to remove the door and all of its parts and then go about painting a upvc. And the second way is to paint it without removing the door. So let’s get into it.

1. Free your door from dust or grease:

Clean the door first to remove any dust and dirt from it. Use hot water to do this. Also, if your door has more grease or dirt, you can use soap or detergent to wash and free it from dirt or oil. Let the dry door dry.

Doing this will not create any difficulty in the painting process. And give clean and crack-free results. After completing this step, you can move to the next step.

2. Sand the door:

To make the colour and look of your door long-lasting, you need to sand it. Use sandpaper and sand the complete door. Make sure every part of the door is sanded. This is necessary as you don’t want that uneven finish. After sanding, clean it with any cloth to remove the dust that appears after sanding. It will also let the paint adhere.

3. Use masking tape:

Use masking tape for the areas you don’t want to paint to get in to protect them from the paint. Use this tape on the areas where you don’t want to use paint or with chances of getting painted, like floors. This will save or protect your floor from extra mess.

4. Prime the door:

After all of the above preparation, it’s time to move one step closer to the actual process(painting), which is priming the UPVC door. Some people will not prefer to do the priming step, but it is an essential step if you want a long-lasting finish. Prime the door with any brush. And before heading to the final steps, let the primer dry.

5. Paint the UPVC door:

before and after - howto paint uPVC front door

The final step is to paint and start adding colour to your door. Start painting your door from one side and then move down. Also, you can use a brush for your coats, but it is not suitable for your door. It can leave lines, so do not use it. Apply the first coat and leave it to dry. Do not rush and try to do multiple coats at once. Go slowly and steadily with patience.

If you’re planning on painting a stairwell, but don’t have a ladder or scaffolding, check out our article for tips on how to safely and effectively tackle this task.

Can you spray paint a PVC door?

Yes, spray painting a uPVC door is always a good idea. The reason is that it does not leave any mark on the door. Paintbrush leaves an impact on the surface. And I am sure you don’t want your door to have an effect on it, Right? So spray paint will ensure that the finish your door deserves is even and smooth.

Spray paint is always good for everything, even if you want to add a unique and fun touch to anything around your home or business. And one more thing If you are going to use spray paint on a upvc door, it’s best to use solvent-based paint. This is because solvent-based paints come in a more excellent range of colors and are designed for use on various surfaces.

What is the best paint you should use to paint your UPVC front doors?

Finding the best paint for UPVC doors can be a challenge. You might need to find durable paint. If you’re looking for the right paint for UPVC doors, you might have to look at paints with a high gloss. High gloss paints have a hard finish resistant to scratching, dents, and moisture.

The paint should also withstand harsh weather conditions and be resistant to mold. The paint should also be able to cover up any existing marks, stains, or other blemishes on the door. Several available paints claim to be the best, but you should research to find the right fit for your needs. But to make it easier, we highly recommend using Zinsser Allcoat Exterior.

This paint is the perfect choice for any new homeowner. It’s made to blend well with your exterior wall, so it doesn’t look out of place, even in the most picturesque neighborhoods. It also performs well in all weather conditions. AllCoat paint is best for your UPVC doors because it is made to be water-resistant. AllCoat paint is tenacious and does not peel under any circumstance. It is the best paint for your home.

After painting your UPVC door and windows, use these 12 easy DIY methods from our article on How To Get Rid Of Paint Smell to eliminate any unpleasant fumes.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post about how to paint a upvc door. With this knowledge, you can ensure your door looks fantastic for years. Painting your door will be a great addition to your home, and we always recommend you take the time to do it right. After you have completed your painting, you will want to make sure that you apply a protective coating to the door. This will help keep the paint on for a longer time and offer a layer of protection against the elements. 

If you’re considering using Farrow and Ball paint for your UPVC doors and windows, you may be interested in reading the article to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.


Yes, and a cheaper idea too. If you are tired of seeing the same color as your UPVC door or your UPVC door is faded or turned yellow, then painting is an excellent option to get rid of all. You can also replace it with a new UPVC door of good quality, but painting is a cheaper and best option to transform your old UPVC door into a new UPVC door.

Although painting a UPVC door may seem daunting, you can quickly achieve a professional-looking paint job with the right tools and techniques. As long as you know the proper steps and tools, it is easy to paint UPVC doors. But if you don’t remember a single word of it, then for sure, painting a UPVC door will be hard on you. So know about the proper steps and be ready to enjoy the process.

The paints specially designed for UPVC doors or exterior use must be used for their painting. You cannot use the leftover paint for uPVC doors. It would help if you used more durable and waterproof paint for a perfect finish.

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